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The Hermit extends his arm to provide advice and guidance to others, but it never shows its face. It just shows the light. I think that this card means not to give all of yourself away if you want to remain tapped into the source of energy that you need to carry out your duties. Sometimes, when a person is first learning to lead they can go overboard giving too much time, too much information, too much advice. Some leaders, (and you'll know a rookie leader when you have to work with one) are all authoritarian and no flexibility. It's time to soften the approach and remember that you have to take care of yourself FIRST, and then lead others with a wee bit of light. Half the time, people actually do know where they are going. They just need a little nudge to find the right path because all humans can get lost at one time or another. It's normal.  The life path number 1 is a reminder that this thing called leadership is a journey. There's a conflict to becoming a leader and most people born a 1 are first followers.

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